Welcome to AutomotiveForce

AutomotiveForce is a brand co-founded and owned by Finn Guldbrandsen Lund and Niels Skjoldager, both having a long track record in the pioneering of the automotive retail and distribution through the means of technology and business innovation

Niels Skjoldager and Finn Guldbrandsen Lund are independent consultants specializing in IT Systems for the automotive retail industry

AutomotiveForce primarily deliver the following products and services:

  • Consulting services related to technology, product development (DMS and related applications and services), strategy and change management
  • Inside DMS - Automotive Dealer Management System, a book published by Skjoldager & Lund in 2011, available on Amazon.com and in bookstores across North America
  • Seminars and Training - taylormade to OEMs, DMS providers and dealerships, who wish to dive into the opportunities, which a modern age DMS can bring to the automotive industry
  • Project Management and project Implementation
  • Application training and documentation
  • Independent advisors to the automotive industry when selecting technologies, fit-gap analysis, DMS products as well as 3rd party application and data providers
  • Speakers at conferences and trade shows

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