AutomotiveForce Seminars

AutomotiveForce now introduces seminars to OEMs, DMS providers and dealerships, who wish to dive into the opportunities, which a modern age DMS can bring to the automotive industry. We are able to provide a tailor made seminar on a case by case basis, depending on specific interest, or provide complete seminars, which go into every detail of a next generation DMS and business application.

Themes are as examples:

- Management and Social Media

- Vehicle Relationship Management

- The fully integrated dealership in a DMS

- OEM, dealership and consumer business process integration

- How a modern age DMS should work and what it does for OEMs, DMS providers, dealerships and consumers

- Project Management - Implementating DMS and having full controll

- Taylormade seminars - designed after your demands

- And much more! 

Please contact us for further information and book a seminar.

Picture taken from a seminar focusing on the Next Generation Dealer Management System (DMS).